Sparkles’ Flare Realm NFT Benefit Initiative✨

2 min readFeb 23, 2022

Sparkles is pleased to announce that it has been appointed “Champion” of the 888 Flare Realm and will be responsible for running the 888 Flare Realm benefits program.

In order to kick off our newfound role, Sparkles will be launching the inaugural NFT Community Art Contest with Exclusive NFT minting dedicated to 888 Flare Realm holders.

Inaugural NFT Community Art Contest

Sparkles is looking for artists, projects, collaborations, companies, or anyone who is interested in bringing an NFT collection to Songbird. The art can range from NFT collections, limited edition NFTs, commemorative milestones, and much more. All creators are welcome to apply, whether they are from the existing Songbird community, or part of the F-asset communities such as Doge, LTC, XRP, ETH, ALGO, or any future network that will be integrated as an F-asset.

Chosen artist(s) will have the opportunity to partner with Sparkles and host a minting event, in which 888 Flare Realm Holders will have exclusive minting access.

Application procedure

Creators can enter the contest by completing this form. Along with top quality art, here are some key things that we are looking for;

  • Do you have an established community either on Songbird or from another chain?
  • How do you plan to support your project long term?
  • What makes your project unique?

The deadline for submissions is 5 March 2022.

Please use this link to submit your application

Sparkles Curation & Community Vote

The Sparkles Creative team will be responsible for reviewing the submissions and creating a shortlist of the top 10.

Shortlisted candidates will then have the chance to raise awareness of their project by engaging with the community. The Sparkles team will be hosting Twitter Spaces and/or Discord AMAs with the shortlisted candidates. This will allow the community to ask questions about the projects and what makes them stand out.

A vote will be held in the Sparkles Discord (exact date TBD) where the community will decide on their favorite project from the shortlist. Details of how long the community will have to vote will be provided closer to the time.

The winner will then partner with Sparkles on minting an NFT collection on the Songbird network.

Exclusive mint

Sparkles and the winning artist will host an NFT mint on Songbird in April (exact date TBD).

A snapshot of the Songbird block explorer will take place in March (date TBD), where all wallets that own an 888 Flare Realm will be whitelisted. This will give Flare Realm Holders the ability to mint an NFT before the general public.

The 888 Flare Realm NFTs are available at: and only Flare Realm holders will qualify for the exclusive minting event, so make sure you have yours in advance.

Following the mint, the NFTs will be immediately available on the Sparkles marketplace, where they can be viewed and traded.

About Sparkles

Sparkles is a community-run project that is building a platform that allows users to buy, sell and mint NFTs on the Flare and Songbird Network.
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