Sparkles to Launch Genesis Holder Community Governance

3 min readOct 29, 2022

We are excited to bring community governance to the Sparkles Genesis Collection NFTs. This article provides an overview of what Genesis holders can look forward to, and how they can participate.

Sparkles Community Governance

As the community knows, Sparkles plans to ultimately transition to a DAO, with $SNFT as the official governance token. There will be a lot of information provided in due course on what this means for the broader community and users of the platform, and how a truly decentralized protocol will greatly benefit the entire Flare ecosystem.

Today we introduce the Genesis community to governance, and the role the Genesis holders will have within the Sparkles ecosystem.

The Role of the Sparkles Genesis Collection

The Sparkles Genesis Collection will always play a significant role within the Sparkles ecosystem, which is why we are delighted to announce our move to a governance platform for the Genesis Collection.

This will allow the Sparkles team to submit proposals to the Genesis holders to vote upon, allowing for certain important decisions surrounding the Sparkles Genesis Collection to be made as a group. This way we can collectively better the Sparkles Genesis Collection brand, and the value it brings to the community.

We believe this will be a great introduction to help learn more about Snapshot and give the Genesis holders early access to better understand the implementation of a DAO, which Sparkles has envisaged since its inception, by allowing the participation in voting through on-chain verification of asset ownership and experiencing the ethos of web3 decentralization.

In the coming days, the team will submit our first community vote.

How to Participate

Sparkles Genesis proposals will be hosted at, and voting on any proposal will be open to those holding Sparkles Genesis NFTs.

Each Sparkles Genesis NFT is equal to one vote.

It is best practice to have all your Genesis NFTs in the same wallet for ease of voting and knowing what your vote power will be for each round of voting.

When a proposal is submitted, a block is chosen for the snapshot and vote power will be determined at that block height. All the details will be easily visible in the UI of the Snapshot application and a guide will be provided in advance of the first vote.

For discussions around votes, the #genesis-chat in the Sparkles’ Discord will be used to facilitate interaction and discussion between verified holders. Admins will set up threads within the channel for each proposal to encourage and enable productive discussion.

We are excited to bring community governance to the Flare ecosystem and hope as many of you as possible participate.✨

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